A Walking Report 04

Dear Reader (2020-06-17), As you have probably figured out by now, if you are looking for a report on trail conditions or hiking logistics, this isn’t the place. On the other hand you may be interested in the reference material I’m currently using: Gillean Daffern’s … Continue readingA Walking Report 04

Notes on 30 in 30

Dear Reader (2020-05-04), Yesterday (May 3) was the last day of 30 in 30.  The results of the 30 photographic experiments in 30 days can be found here (click here).  Today though is all about the process, and some of the problems I encountered. For … Continue readingNotes on 30 in 30

Day 04 The Rules

Dear Reader (2020-04-07), I hope you are physically and mentally healthy.  After 3 years of being on Facebook and not having any Facebook friends (by choice), I have now broken with the pattern. In these times of cave dwelling, I like many others are feeling the … Continue readingDay 04 The Rules


Dear Reader (2020-02-24, edited 25), After a Sunday composed of a drive out towards Beiseker and beyond, followed by an afternoon in the studio, we have Onesday. This new day of the week is in recognition of a day of singular photos (one of this … Continue readingOnesDay

Paths of A Sort

Dear Reader (2020-01-29), I am now about half way through the non-fiction book “On Trails – An Exploration” by Robert Moor. Moor talks about trails left by creatures from the primordial ooze, people, ants, elephants, and more. In the past week I have found no … Continue readingPaths of A Sort

out To Lunch

Dear Reader (2020-01-27), At long last here is the last of the posts initially introduced in the Foggy Experiment . Last December I went for a wander to capture photo murals in the East Village near the now renovated Simmons mattress building. The original images … Continue readingout To Lunch