Five Stans 29 – Very Soft

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3 Replies to “Five Stans 29 – Very Soft”

  1. I once spoke with a person who had travelled to some place where hand knotted rugs were a thing. They also had centuries of practice selling such rugs to wealthy foreigners. He loved looking at the rugs and appreciating the skills involved. However he had made it a very firm rule that he was not going to buy a rug, and would say so right up front. He left his cards in the hotel, and brought only enough cash to buy lunch. His buddy had to do an intervention to keep him from buying a rug.

    5. The idea of a double sided rug seems a little counter intuitive. I’m guessing that when one side shows wear one flips it over. Or perhaps it’s used as a room divider.

    6, That is one huge rug! I wonder how they keep it from stretching.

    The rugs are beautiful.

  2. No complaints about the postings of the Stans as far as Judy and I are concerned but I guess we have a vested interest. In fact we would like even more. You are helping us relive that wonderful trip by reminding us of our time with you and our small group and the interaction we had with the local folk, most of which was good and enlightening. There was certainly a little more than a whiff of Soviet life but the people in general were friendly and welcoming when politely approached and seemed quite happy to allow their photo to be taken, in fact more often than not a request for a photo turned into a group photo with us as we became the curiosity ( that is unless they were wearing a uniform ).

    1. Thank you Daryl for visiting, commenting and the feedback. I am glad that you and Judy are still enjoying this series.

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