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Dear Reader (2020-02-24, edited 25), After a Sunday composed of a drive out towards Beiseker and beyond, followed by an afternoon in the studio, we have Onesday. This new day of the week is in recognition of a day of singular photos (one of this … Continue readingOnesDay

Paths of A Sort

Dear Reader (2020-01-29), I am now about half way through the non-fiction book “On Trails – An Exploration” by Robert Moor. Moor talks about trails left by creatures from the primordial ooze, people, ants, elephants, and more. In the past week I have found no … Continue readingPaths of A Sort

out To Lunch

Dear Reader (2020-01-27), At long last here is the last of the posts initially introduced in the Foggy Experiment . Last December I went for a wander to capture photo murals in the East Village near the now renovated Simmons mattress building. The original images … Continue readingout To Lunch

Well That Was Fun

Dear Reader (2020-01-03), Last night I hummed and hawed about going out. The evening was much more fun and enjoyable than I was expecting. Thank you Keith for the invitation, thank you Cam for your expertise and devices, and thank you Kathy for your experience … Continue readingWell That Was Fun

Back to Breakfast

Dear Reader (2019-12-27), Before the interludes (previous 2 posts), I mentioned in Foggy Experiment that there would be a collection called Out to Breakfast. This is the first post in that collection. Keith and I drove out to Two Jack Lake last week for a … Continue readingBack to Breakfast