Five Stans 27 – On The Road

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One Reply to “Five Stans 27 – On The Road”

  1. I suspect it’s a Turkmen border fence, not Iranian. I had to look at a map to figure it out. The East German state was rife with spies. Everyone spied and informed on each other. I can’t help but think it’s a massive waste of resources, trying to connect all the reports from all the people spying and reporting on each other.

    1. I had to look at the photo a bit to figure out the image. Then once I realized there was a mirror it made much more sense. I think.

    2. Not a good place to have your vehicle break down.

    5. I’ve seen too many bad SF movies. That crane could easily stride across the landscape, looking for victims to pick up and do whatever is done to the victims of wayward cranes.

    6. That doesn’t look like a happy place to live.

    11. There’s a sort of beauty in that much desolation.

    12. I somehow don’t think that is a field of hops, and the building is a brewery, or grapes and a winery.

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