Five Stans 25 – More Bukhara

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2 Replies to “Five Stans 25 – More Bukhara”

  1. 1. I always wonder what is behind the doors.

    4. That sort of looks like a prison yard tower. Or a safe viewing platform to watch a buzkashi game.

    6. An interesting juxtaposition of roofs. They sort of remind me of permanent igloos.

    17. The idea of Tales of 1001 Nights from a Muslim perspective had never occurred to me. Love the little statues.

    18. The intricacy of the fabric work is just as amazing as the tiling on buildings.

    22. I would certainly do it by lying down, and using a really wide lens.

    1. According to the Wikipedia article “Islam in Uzbekistan”,
      ~ 90% of the population is Muslim (The CIA Factbook estimates 88%, mostly Sunni)
      ~ The country is regarded a cultural and religious hub in the Central Asian region.[2]
      ~ 9% of the population follow Russian Orthodox Christianity
      ~ 4% other religious and non-religious
      ~ An estimated 93,000 Jews were once present.
      ~ According to a 2009 Pew Research Center report, Uzbekistan’s population is 96.3% Muslim, around 54% identifies as non-denominational Muslim
      This last point is particularly revealing because as you would probably expect, just as there is a wide range of Christian practices, the same exists in Muslim Uzbekistan. From the vantage point of a traveler, people wear a variety of clothes and life continues when prayer is called.

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