Five Stans 20 – Livin

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One Reply to “Five Stans 20 – Livin”

  1. 1. Weddings. So much pomp and circumstance and money into what should really be a low key ceremony. Getting married is easy. Nothing to it. Nothing to celebrate. Anniversaries, now, that’s where the celebration should happen. 10 years together is worth a party, especially if there’s kids. 15, and 20 years are worth noting. Get to 25 years, house paid off, kids on their own or nearly so, beginning to think about retirement, it’s time for a really big party.

    3. I like this little scene. Are they doing what the sign says not to do? Are they dealing with a kid emergency? Setting up a food stall? Taking a picnic break amidst a busy day? What do the owners of the establishment behind them think of the scene? The questions are endless.

    5. What is she thinking?

    7. That looks like fun. Did you buy anything?

    8. That’s a nice portrait.

    10. I’m guessing these are brothers.

    15. Wow!

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