Books and Monographs

All of these publications are laid out as a sequence of double page spreads, and are therefore best viewed that way on a monitor. All these copyrighted publications are completely free. I am not asking for any of your information. I would just like to share these images with you. Please click the appropriate download button to receive your copy and then open it using your pdf viewer. I suggest using Adobe Acrobat Reader in Full Screen Mode (Ctrl or Cmd + L).

Time Frame (2023-03)

cSpace solo exhibition (February 1-25, 2023) that was part of Exposure Festival 2023. Printed copies with complete notes and discussion are available upon request for a fee.

30 in 30 (2022-01)

Complete record of a project completed in 2020, assembled from multiple sources, in which I conducted 30 experiments in 30 days.

Thin Line (last updated 2021-10)

A new presentation with new additions of a work in progress that began in 2018, in which I reflect on the wide open prairie that is defined and confined by a grid of evenly spaced roads, symbols of ownership, and signs of control.

Sentinels (last updated 2021-10)

A new presentation with new additions of a work in progress that began in 2018, in which grain bins have become an anchor for thoughts on what is apparent or visible and what is unknown or hidden.

Rills (2021-09)

I love the way time, wind, and water has sculpted the Badlands of Alberta. This monograph explores one aspect of these features, and is also a next step in refining my approach to presenting my photographs.

Meanwhile in Abingdon (2021-09)

This short ebook is an outcome of a recent trip to England. It is both an end in itself, and a small bite of a much larger elephant.

30 New Walks (Drafts 2020-10; Published 2020-11; Re-Published 2021-12)

In May of 2020 I started to walk and report on those walks.  From that initial meander has emerged my first ebook, 30 New Walks

All rights for all material on any media reserved – © Sean P Drysdale 2020-2024

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  1. Dear Sean,

    I just had a wonderful moment going through your photos. You are tremendously talented, clearly! What a variety of images you have captured. I love the landscapes, the land masses, the skies. May I be added to your subscription list?

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