Five Stans 28 – Along The Road

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2 Replies to “Five Stans 28 – Along The Road”

  1. 1. I’m quite sure those are the spine bones of some ancient creature. Perhaps the land version of Jörmungandr.

    5. I had never thought about mosques at night, and that they might be lighted up in an attractive way. Such is but one consequence of a sheltered life.

    12. Exploring that must be extremely dangerous. It looks like it’s about to fall down any moment. Then again, if it hasn’t fallen down in the last couple hundred years, it’s not likely to any time soon.

    16. This is the correct distance to photograph camels from. They can spit an amazing distance.

    1. Thank you once again Keith for the cascade of comments. I don’t read Arabic, and therefore I may have missed the writings of how the village fortifications protected people from lumbering spiny creatures that had a thirst and hunger for camels.

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