Five Stans 08

Dear Reader (2023-11-05),First of all, I did warn you about me getting distracted by a new sparkly project.  Actually the project for next year’s Exposure Festival has been a work in progress for a while.  Now, there is a degree of urgency to get things … Continue readingFive Stans 08

Five Stans 07

Dear Reader (2023-10-29),In today’s post we continue exploring the Karakol region of Kyrgyzstan by going for a 3 / 4 hour walk along a dirt road, and up a sandstone hill.  In this pleasant wander:~ We stop on the return trip to photograph a Golden … Continue readingFive Stans 07

Five Stans 05

Dear Reader (2023-10-23),Since I last wrote, I have completed the first set of experiments for my Exposure Festival 2024 Exhibition, “Shadows Passing”.  I am excited by the project, and I look forward to showing you the results next February. In today’s post we travel from … Continue readingFive Stans 05

Five Stans 04,

Dear Reader (2023-10-18),In today’s single blog post, or pair of Facebook posts I re-label myself and we visit a desert canyon. As some of you know from my new Cartes de Visites, and some of you may have noticed on my website, I no longer … Continue readingFive Stans 04,

Five Stans 03

Dear Reader (2020-10-13),In today’s single blog post, or trio of Facebook posts (because FB doesn’t sort consistently) the journey continues.  Over the course of 4 weeks, 6 other travelers, me, and the tour guide travelled over 6,400 km.  Outside of the two memorable overnight train … Continue readingFive Stans 03

Five Stans 02

Dear Reader (2023-10-09),I think that a collection of architects was invited to bring out their toy boxes to play in Astana. But before we get there, it is fitting that after yesterday’s Mosques and Minarets, we begin today’s exploration with a brief visit to an … Continue readingFive Stans 02

Five Stans 001

Dear Reader (2023-10-08), As some of you know, I recently returned (October 4) from a five-week tour of an area East of the Caspian Sea, West of China, and North of Iran and Afghanistan called the Five Stans.  If you are hoping for any sort … Continue readingFive Stans 001

Jackdaw 13

Dear Reader (2023-08-28),I have news to share. Notes On PhotosAs Samuel Johnson said in 1777, “When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life”, and I am tired of neither.~ 01 – Through a Taxi window~ 03 – One of the places … Continue readingJackdaw 13

Jackdaw 12

Dear Reader (2023-08-21),Correction: I accidently made Jackdaw 11 private. I apologize for doing so, and I have fixed that.—This post is the second for today, and the last of a trio of Vienna posts (Jackdaws 10,11,12). These twelve images are a mish mash of images … Continue readingJackdaw 12

Jackdaw 11

Dear Reader (2023-08-21; updated 22:00) ,Correction: I accidently made this post private. I apologize for doing so, and I have fixed that.—So a couple of days, for any number of debatable reasons, turned into a week. In the first of two posts for today, we … Continue readingJackdaw 11

Jackdaw 10

Dear Reader (2023-08-12),I have new projects and adventures coming soon, and yet I haven’t finished a current one. In other words I need to get my ass in gear. In today’s post we are jumping to Vienna, Austria, because that is the set I felt … Continue readingJackdaw 10

Jackdaw 09

Dear Reader (2023-08-05),Fog, mist, and drizzle drift in and out on our wander (May 2023) through the Belogradchik Rocks and Fortress in Bulgaria. There are only about a dozen of us on this particular tour. For the first hour, we have the place to ourselves. … Continue readingJackdaw 09

Jackdaw 08

Dear Reader (2023-07-15)This afternoon (July 5), my objective is to pretend to write.  This is where words drift in and out.  Semi-articulated phrases are occasionally scrawled onto paper, and then slowly refined.  A dry breeze carries a butterfly across my view.  I am sitting at … Continue readingJackdaw 08

Jackdaw 07

Dear Reader (2023-07-02),There was a time sensitive task I wanted to complete. I have also been working on some materials experiments for the next iteration of Time Frame. Then there was a small problem of too much, and too little to tell. In today’s post … Continue readingJackdaw 07