Five Stans 18 – Monumentalism

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One Reply to “Five Stans 18 – Monumentalism”

  1. 3. I know you aren’t particularly big on panorama photos, but this one is lovely. The inevitable distortions actually lend an air of peace and symmetry.

    8. At least it’s not red.

    9. There’s something contrarian about the urge to put up huge arch structures that ought to be inviting people in, and yet they also put an ugly gate in the middle, usually as an afterthought.

    11. I quite like this. There’s a sense of whimsy and fun that strikes a huge contrast to the normal dreary authoritarian structures.

    12. I wonder if anyone has climbed on this, like some people climb building cranes or radio towers. I suspect the penalty for doing so would be pretty dramatic.

    18. An ugly dreary structure, even if it is white and gold.

    19. What is it with wreaths?

    22. see 9.

    23, 24. Hmmm. Not the typical monument. Something about the twirling ribbon structure thingies (there’s probably an architectural term for such things, but I don’t know it) give this monument a surprisingly light feel.

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