Five Stans 19 – Marvels

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One Reply to “Five Stans 19 – Marvels”

  1. I’m not having a lot to say about monumental old structures, but,

    8. I’m interested in the apparent dissonance between the central ram and the stairs on either side. If the stair landings are level, and if they aren’t that just raises more questions, then the ramp must be much steeper than it looks.

    12. I think the people building this had been working with honey bees a lot.

    13. That ladder makes me sigh. It totally ruins this view of a nice structure.

    19. This looks like a modern construction to an old plan. Except that nobody, not even a meglomaniac leader would do such a thing.

    21. This is so clean it looks unused. I wonder how they did that?

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