Happy Vertical Day

Dear Reader,For those from a western (Euro/American) background we read from left to right, and our default starting point for scanning an image / page / screen is from left to right. Our cameras are primarily designed for some sort of landscape format. All three … Continue readingHappy Vertical Day

Dawn to Dusk

Dear Reader, Today is day 2 of the Great Devon Family Ramble. Over the course of the week I returned to the beach near Westward Ho multiple times – it was close, rewarding, and immensely appealing. Cheers, Sean

Ahh To The Sea

Dear Reader, My family and I have returned from a family celebration held close to Bideford on the North Devon (UK) coast, where we spent 7 nights. Over the coming days I will be posting any number of explorations in a currently unknown order. This … Continue readingAhh To The Sea


I have nothing to say today and I thought you might enjoy this tease. Cheers, Sean

The Start

Dear ReaderToday is the last of 6 days in “All Over the Map”. Two weekends ago, we’d gone to Banff to visit friends. Sunday, I discovered was running race day, and I continued with the exercise, click without looking through the viewfinder (or use live … Continue readingThe Start

Back to Black

Dear Reader,That would be basic black (and white) – we miss you Arthur. Today is the fifth day of “All Over The Map”. The proposed exercise was to to go out for 7 days in a row and take photos without looking in the viewfinder. … Continue readingBack to Black

A Little Closer

Dear Reader,This is the third day of “All Over the Map” and the second of 3 days from a hidden gem south of the Hat. As we drove towards our destination the light looked hopeful and then doubtful. Under bright blue and dramatic grey lights, … Continue readingA Little Closer

A Hidden Gem

Dear Reader,This is the second day of “All Over the Map” and the first of 3 days from a hidden gem south of the Hat (Medicine Hat). If you promise not to tell tour companies the location, I would be happy to share it with … Continue readingA Hidden Gem