New Monograph – Rills Plus

Dear Reader (2021-10-01),

I am pleased to announce that I have just released a new monograph “Rills” for your reading and viewing pleasure. A photography monograph is a collection of images that explores a particular topic or idea. It may or not be accompanied by text. An ebook / book to my mind is more a generic term for a bound or digital collection of images or text.

Like my other publications (click here), this one is also free. I am not asking for any of your information. I would just like to share these images with you. Please click the download button to receive your copy and then open it using your pdf viewer. I suggest using Adobe Acrobat Reader in Full Screen Mode (Ctrl or Cmd + L).

I have also started to make small changes to this website, and am thinking that I would like to keep the same look and feel but change how I present things. Perhaps I need to distinguish between Works in Progress, Completed Projects (or Iterations thereof), and History.

“Rills” to my mind repesents a new personal bar in presentation, and I am looking forward to applying lessons from that publication to a number of percolating ideas. In the meantime here are new additions to the Sentinel project from a recent drive to the east.

FYI: As you are scrolling through the images please note that you can click on any image and see the image with a nice dark background and no annoying band across the top.

You are welcome to share a link to this page with others.
As always, all comments are welcome and sought.
Cheers, Sean

All rights for all material on any media reserved – © Sean P Drysdale 2022

All rights for all material on any media reserved – © Sean P Drysdale 2022

2 Replies to “New Monograph – Rills Plus”

  1. Hi Sean,
    I enjoyed this ebook. Your description of Dinosaur Provincial Park provides a good introduction for the site of these small erosional features – rills. You did a good job showing the flow from the hillsides erosion to the smaller rill features. This presentation might be enhanced by employing a few wide angle images of the Badlands in order to clearly set the rills within this semi-arid landscape. You have good compositions for a difficult and overlooked subject matter. I especially enjoyed photos 20 & 21 – excellent contrast and composition. These images “pop” with contrast – dramatizing and enhancing the rill features. Thanks again.

    1. Thank you Richard for your insights and suggestion. I really like this idea of the monograph, as it gives form and structure to a collection of images. Even if the collection is a work in progress, the package has a sense of finish and completeness. Cheers

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