Five Stans 32 – An Industrial Accident

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One Reply to “Five Stans 32 – An Industrial Accident”

  1. The industrial crater reminds me of the time a work buddy went on a tour of some oil and gas facilities somewhere in what is now Russia. They were driving out in the boonies, following an above ground oil pipeline when they came across a geyser of oil spurting up, then running away in a stream to disappear down a hole. He asked the driver where they were so they could report it. The driver said, “no, is landmark, we turn left and go 5 Km.”

    3. What side of the road are they supposed to drive on? It looks very free form.

    5. Are you sure you aren’t on Alberta highway 41 somewhere well north of Medicine Hat?

    6. Except I guess not with camels around. Still, Alberta ranchers can be eccentric enough that one of them might have camels. After all, one of them built a stone castle not far from Oyen.

    Tents. You’ve got to be kidding. I gave up on that years ago.

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