White Over Red 00 – Teaser

Originally this endeavour, was called the 35 Door Project, and then it became the 35 +1 Doors. The new name for this series of occasional posts is “White Over Red”.  Doors just tell you about logistics – they tell you nothing about the sweat that pours off my face, as I follow the white over red trail symbol up to a col and down to a valley.  The author, Paddy Dillion (“The GR5 Trail”) says, I may do this so many times, that depending on my route and adaptions, I will have gained and lost over 40,000 meters of elevation, by the time I reach Menton on the French Riviera mid-September.

First to the questions, who, what, when, where, why. The answers are solo, walking GR5, now, French Alps, … .

The plan of doors has already fallen by the way side.  Monday (3 rd day of walking – Aug. 8) in the original plan had me walking too far.  I left Calgary Aug. 3, which means that on Sunday I was still very much jet lagged. I made it to the Refuge Dents D’Oche on adrenaline for Sunday night. The refuge is in an stunning location, but it is was a detour of 550 / 600 meters of elevation.  The first section of the detour was along a series of mist covered switch backs.  Only my huffing and puffing told me I was climbing. One of my walking rules is that I walk, I don’t scramble, and I certainly don’t climb.  The final 150 of elevation was gained using a series of chains anchored into the rock. Lessons in concentration – don’t look up – don’t look down – check footing – trust the chain. Rule broken and not to be broken again. The descent was no easier.  

By the time mid-afternoon Monday arrived, the only thing I could do was to fall asleep at the side of the trail in a meadow.  Less than one and a half hours later, I was in an unplanned refuge with a beer in hand, watching a parade of cows as they came home for their evening milking.

As time, energy, and internet access permits I hope to post sporadically.  I have the  ability to capture photos on my iPad mini, from my camera, but I have neither the time, tools, or inclination, to perform my normal editing process. That said here are some initial impressions.

The Train from Geneva to Lausanne so that I could catch a boat to Evian


Looking Out from My Bedroom Window at The Hotel Continental

On the way to Bernex Bound for Refuge Dents D’Oche

The Climb and View From the Refuge – That is Lake Geneva 1,800 m below, and 2 days walk away.

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Cheers, Sean

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12 Replies to “White Over Red 00 – Teaser”

  1. Ok, so I’m late to the game. Great photos Sean. They bring back lots of memories. Enjoy the rest of your walk!

  2. These are wonderful! I especially like the town square under moody skies. Of course the cow was giving you the eye.

  3. So, you have seen the wildlife. The goat not the cow. Photos are looking good my dear. 🙂

  4. Wow – first read of your incredible journey. Wonderful! I can “hear” you when I read this. Continue to take care and take in the sights, smells and sounds. Hoping you will find a rythym for the climbs and descents. Take care. Kathy T

    1. Thank you kindly Kathy. I knew that this first week would be hard as I became acclimated to this journey. I don’t think I have rhythm yet, but I’m a lot closer to one than I was. Today (Aug 14), is the first rest day of 2 rest days here in Chamonix (ps I have updated the post appropriately so that the time shifting isn’t too disturbing).

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