Guess Where

Day 1 of 4Mmm, where was I Sunday morning after waking up at 3:47? After the water tower, I found a new road. Actually calling it a road is giving it more credit than it’s due, but it did have a signpost and therefore it … Continue readingGuess Where

So Much To Say

Dear Reader (2019-05-12), It was the best of times. It was the worst of times. It was a time of successes.  It was a time of pain. At long last, spring returned, and the new back deck was open again.  April and I went galivanting … Continue readingSo Much To Say

Happy Friday

Friday AMA new addition to the Thin Line series, which has been updated accordingly, always puts a smile on my face. This morning on the way back from a location which hasn’t worked yet, I found the one below. I had driven by this location … Continue readingHappy Friday


Dear Reader (2019-04-29) In Saturday’s post I mentioned I had been on a country drive.  The town of Swalwell has no services.  It does though have a recently renovated community centre, a Railway Avenue, and a number of residents living a prairie life.  As I … Continue readingSwalwell


Dear Reader (2019-04-28), I know the golden rule of social media is to only show completed work.  But hey, it’s my website, my rules.  Today I have 4 versions of the same image for you.   The photo was captured on Friday’s 2 hour tour.  In … Continue readingOMFG