A Walking Report 27

Dear Reader (2022-10-05),
Friday September 30, 2022 – Rockbound Lake Trail – <>20k – Out and Back – with Michelle and Cam

Keith would use the word dithering to describe my progress on the White Over Red series. While I continue to dither, here is a walk that brought me to tears.

It was a pleasure to meet Michelle and Cam last Friday, after a long absence, at the currently closed Petro-Can meeting spot at the junction of the Trans Canada and Highway 22.  For those who use this traditional meeting spot for car pooling, please note that to access it you need to take the #22 North exit.

We arrived at the Rockbound Lake trailhead near Castle Junction just before 8:30 and we were on the trail shortly thereafter. The first kilometer or so was uneventful until I had to adjust my shoelace.  The lock on the bear spray was not in place (different walk different story).  In bending down I briefly engaged the bear spray. No one was caught in the blast. We walked on stopping multiple times for various photographic opportunities.

Over three hours later we decided to hike the extra vertical to a lookout point above Rockbound Lake.  Halfway up that extension sweat started falling from my brow. I put on my hat that was tucked into the back of my pack. Sweat continued to fall into my eyes.  My face started to sting – then my eyes started to sting – then I couldn’t see.  Sweat from my brow had mixed with bear spray that had landed on my hat.  Thanks to Cam and Michelle, we were able to rinse out my eyes with drinking water.  My sight returned, and I felt like a grateful fool, which come to think of it is how I often feel.  I stayed in place while the others finished the ascent where they captured wonderful images.

And the lesson is “check your gear”.

Here is my collection from the day, which includes experiments, good images, and a potential 5.

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Cheers, Sean

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2 Replies to “A Walking Report 27”

  1. I’m glad I’m not the only one to experience the joy of dithering. I’m sorry to hear about your adventure with bear spray.

    If the yellow things are larches, then I hadn’t realized they were so fuzzy.
    And then we come to 6. Oh my goodness! The trees and shoreline are perfectly nice, but the water has me swooning. I can see where this would be amazing as a big print.
    #8 has something going on in the rock face. The various lines of the scree slopes leading down to the trees and the serenity of the water are quite lovely.
    I’m thinking 10 is a bit dark, but that would well be a monitor issue.
    #11 has me puzzled, and not sure what to think. I like the mountain side. The clouds are moody and dramatic, and the yellow things are bright and cheerful. And yet something about all three elements together isn’t happening for me.
    I’m quite liking 13, finding the rock face striking and dramatic, and how nicely the trees blend in.

    1. Thank you Keith as always for your comments. I have been looking at 6 and I agree it is very good. But, I think I need to re-process it as it has some minor weeknesses. Cheers

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