New ebook – Meanwhile in Abingdon

Dear Reader (2021-09-01),

I have an elephant of unknown size and form, and a problem with Adobe. First to Adobe, I have drunk the Lightroom koolaid and have begun imbibing small glasses of Photoshop. Adobe’s InDesigner, which is used for laying out publications, is a scotch too costly and too complex for my palate. On the other hand, I have outgrown the Blurb add-on (book layout tool) that comes with Lightroom. This drinking problem led me down many a technical and usability rabbit-hole. Eventually, Alice told me to just do something.

So, I took Alice’s words to heart, purchased a copy of Affinitiy Publisher, and have started to learn a new piece of software. As a learning excercise, and as a first step to eating an elephant, I have created a new ebook called “Meanwhile in Abingdon”. My Facebook friends may recognize some of the images from my most recent trip to England. That trip is the source of all the images in this new collection.

I am pleased with what I have learned in less than a week, and I hope this ebook brings a smile to your face. Like my previous ebook, this one is also free. I am not asking for any of your information. I would just like to share this book with you. Please Click the download button to get your copy, and then open the document using Adobe Acrobat Reader.

You are welcome to share a link to this page with others.
As always, all comments are welcome and sought.
Cheers, Sean

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2 Replies to “New ebook – Meanwhile in Abingdon”

  1. Hi Sean,
    Michale and I enjoyed your whimsical and entertaining ebook. We were especially delighted by the photos – barrowful of images and the horse gazing out the window. Great fun. Thanks.

    1. Thank you kindly Richard and Michale for visiting and commenting, and I am glad I could put a smile on your faces. Cheers

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