Foggy Experiment

Dear Reader (2019-12-21),

There have been any number of photographic journeys over the past 2 weeks or so, and unfortunate technical issues with this web-site. I believe those issues have been resolved (too much work on my part) . Please let me know if you encounter any unexpected behaviour with this site. In the coming week or so I will share some sets with you.
~ Today’s Last of the Burgundy Shirt
~ Out to Pasture, which will be composed of 1/2 posts
~ Out to Breakfast, which will be composed of 3 posts
~ Out to Lunch, which will be a single post.

Let’s begin. I am slowly developing an idea. Realizing that idea is now evolving into a series of experiments and prototypes. The latest experiment involved renting a fog machine – much fun. I was told that even the small fog machine that I rented could fill a small gymnasium or small bar. After a few presses on the fog machine (the fog is triggered using a wireless switch the size of a modern key), my little studio space was unusable. The shirt 8 feet was barely visible. I learned where to find rent fog machine ( ), how to operate the fog machine, and an idea on how fog behaves in my studio – all useful things to know.

The lighting set-up remained constant for this experiment, and all images were processed the same. The images below are in capture order.

Cheers, Sean

All rights for all material reserved – © Sean P Drysdale 2019

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  1. I am curious, positively agog with interest, at how the half post will work out. The fog machine is interesting. I’m just glad the neighbours didn’t call the fire department. My take on this, make of it what you will, is that fog works because it obscures the subject and background. What is unclear in the photo becomes something to wonder about. With a background that is essentially the same colour as the fog, that air of mystery is difficult to attain. Something I just thought of, does the fog settle out? Would it be possible to get a layer of fog/smoke, and have the shirt (or any other subject) emerging from it?

    1. Thank you for visiting and commenting. Answers to your fog (not foggy) questions appear in today’s post.

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