Out To Breakfast

Dear Reader (2019-12-29),

Initially ( Foggy Experiment ) , I had conceived of today’s post as 2 separate ones. Instead today is composed of the last 2 of 3 sets from the drive to Two Jack Lake. Set 1 is here. Set 2, below, is composed of 3 miscellaneous images, all of which I like but are not really related. I am very pleased with set 3. They are successful results of a new personal black and white post-processing workflow, which appears to be particularly well suited to photos taken with a high ISO.

After photography, we had an enjoyable breakfast at Coyotes in Banff.

Cheers, Sean

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2 Replies to “Out To Breakfast”

  1. As I often do, I’ve come back to these a couple of times. That guy in the white coat looks totally focussed on his work. I love the mountain and clouds in the 3rd one of that set. However the truck does nothing for me, even though maybe one could construct a narrative of a rogue gang of dwarves bringing loot back to their kingdom under the mountain.

    I like all the shots in the second set better than my own. I think there really is something to the B&W software you use that seems to bring out more detail. Especially the rays of sunshine one, you captured even better than what we were seeing.

    1. Thank you for visiting and commenting. Yea that guy in the white coat was totally focused (I think you were capturing the very successful Minnewannka image). I saw no driver of the truck, and therefore I have to assume your narrative was correct. The workflow I used was Lightroom (basic sliders) -> Color Efex pro (for detail extraction) -> Silver Efex Pro (for b&w and some detail) -> Lightroom (for noise reduction) -> Photoshop (spot removal)

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