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Dear Reader (2019-12-08),
(Reposted on 2019-12-09 due site to site issues)

The major project for this year was to complete a studio space. The space was finished nearly two weeks ago, and I spent 3 days trying to photograph a shirt. Now this is no ordinary shirt. This is the shirt I wore the most while finishing the studio. It got so dirty that it was banned from the washing washing machine and I was banned from the house if I was wearing it. So the shirt lived in the studio and I would change into it if I was mudding, sanding, or painting.

You may well ask why did it take 3 days. I had to figure out where things went, how do you place things, how are lights placed and modified, and how is lighting in the space controlled. Each of the first 3 photos below are the best of their respective days. The results from the first 2 days were sketches . I am happy with the result from the 3rd day. I also tried my hand at a self-portrait (another non-trivial experiment).


Today is the last in this December’s half-baked ideas sequence. I’m sure there will be more random collections in the future. This sequence was composed of:
Day 1 – So Many Half-Baked Ideas
Day 2 – Ethnic Flavours
Day 3 – Whiplash
Day 4 – Twice Baked But Still Half
• Day 5 – Oven Now Reserved for Cookies
As always, thank you for visiting and I am always grateful for comments (regardless of length).

Cheers, Sean

In case you were wondering if this is truly the end of baking, here is an out-take from a current project.

© Sean P Drysdale 2019

2 Replies to “Oven Now Reserved for Cookies”

  1. I think I remember you wearing that shirt to work, once upon a long time ago. I agree, 3rd day is the best. Taking an ordinary object, and making it interesting is a difficult thing. I’m curious about the hanger, did you use some fishing line, or clone out the hook or stand?
    Now, the self portrait. I wouldn’t dream of attempting such a thing. The camera does not love me, not even a little bit. Which is why I like holding the camera. In any case, well done.

    1. Thank you for visiting and commenting. Historically my shirts are initially worn for work and then they get a second life as weekend shits 🙂

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