Out to Pasture – I

Dear Reader (2019-12-22),

In response to yesterday’s post (Foggy Experiment), Keith asked further questions about how the smoke behaves. The fog rises and therefore one has limited time to work with it. Eventually, as I hope was visible in yesterday’s sequence, the room fills with fog, and the subject vanishes into the mists of time. On the other hand if you wanted fog to hang around the bottom of the frame I think there is a better choice. I met the founder of Calgary Dry Ice the other day. The company sells dry ice to wholesale and retail customers. The fog gave the effect I am looking for. Playing with dry ice would make a fine experiment, and has been added to to-do list.

In answer to the question, does the fog settle out, it does. In a confined space, like my studio, it takes a while. In a larger studio setting I would think you could use a fan and open door to clear out the space much more quickly. Even in that type of space, it would be important to sequence captures based on the amount of fog required.

Also in reference to yesterday’s comment, I have some disappointing news. There will be no half post. I know you were interested in seeing how I was going to publish a half post. Though my creative side was entertained by the idea, my logical side won that brief conversation – sorry it ain’t happening.

And now for today’s side roads. You should know by now what happens when I start off with a whim of a destination.  2 Thursday’s ago ran true to form.  I had some images in mind when I set off for Turner Valley. I only made it as far as The Leighton Centre – I didn’t even make it to Millarville.  There was a new addition (happy me) to the silo project among the images below.  Tomorrow there will be panos from that same drive. At least one of you who will recognize the road, and possibly even know where I was standing.

Cheers, Sean

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  1. Silos are fun, especially the negative space between them. I particularly liked the two sheds. I’ve driven past them many times, and never saw the possibilities.

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