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Dear Reader (2019-12-27),

Before the interludes (previous 2 posts), I mentioned in Foggy Experiment that there would be a collection called Out to Breakfast. This is the first post in that collection.

Keith and I drove out to Two Jack Lake last week for a dawn. I had visions of clouds and land lit by winter dawn splendour. Reality was different. At times the sky was so bereft of colour or texture, I started playing with Intentional Camera Motion (ICM). In this technique the camera is purposefully moved over the course of an exposure, which is usually long. Today is composed of 2 sets. The first is one is from the Devon coast earlier this year. I believe it has a related feel to the more recent second set. In both sets the exposures were long and the camera was on a tripod. ICM was only used in the second set.

Keith’s posts from our drive last week are here:
~ Sunrise Near Banff
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Second Set – Two Jack Lake – captured 2019-12-18

Cheers, Sean

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  1. I never thought of ICM. During the beginning of my photo adventures, the big challenge was being still enough. So to deliberately move seems counter intuitive. These photos are indeed related, and share a certain meditative mood. I’ve often looked at snow being blown over ice, or the movement of water over the rocks, and been unsatisfied at the photo results. That is one case where what our brain constructs is superior to what the camera captures.

    1. Years ago Stieglitz did a series called Equivalence. In that series he photographed clouds not to capture clouds but to capture the emotional equivalence of watching clouds. I think when done well ICM has that same potential. I’m not there yet.

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