Dear Reader (2019-12-06),

Today the walk along 17th continues. But, we have a problem. There were not enough of any of the following explorations to make a complete post. Instead you get a cornucopia of views that caught my attention. In other words, there is no theme, unifying thought, or semblance of cohesion in today’s collection.

This is Day 3 of Half Baked Ideas
Day 1 – So Many Half-Baked Ideas
Day 2 – Ethnic Flavours
• Day 3 – Whiplash – Today

Cheers, Sean

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2 Replies to “Whiplash”

  1. None of my blogs intentionally have any of theme, unifying thought, or semblance of cohesion, so I’m not going to fault the lack in anyone else’s, if in fact there is a lack. So comments on the last three posts.
    Dawn rural ramblings can be difficult. The light is nice for such a short period of time, and there you are. I was awaiting the next set. The murals are nicely done, and I was considering the relationships to the rural scenes. Any thoughts were half-baked at best.
    Then we come to today, and I perk up. Love the shark and dinner strolling nearby. Pity about the unauthorized graffiti. The person mopping the hemp store intrigued me, and spotting a double charged chocolate bar had never struck me as a problem needing a solution before. The two abstracts are interesting. I like the wall of stuff shot, but something is tickling me in relation to the aspect ratio and the strong vertical lines. I probably would have tried to crop it so the bottom is just below the seat just to see what that did. Maybe you did and this is better.

    1. Thank you for visiting and commenting. I tried your crop idea just now and the image is stronger for it – good thought – thanks. Cheers, Sean

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