Twice Baked But Still Half

Dear Reader (2019-12-07),

Last Sunday (Dec. 1), Keith and I wandered along some of the paths at the
Ann & Sandy Cross Conservation Area. His image collection from that walk can be found here. My images were banal and uninteresting, until I started playing in Lightroom. The first two images are from the walk. On Wednesday, I went out looking for images that could be treated in the same way.

I have written before about fishing, and Wednesday’s fishing trip was initially going to be to Black Diamond / Turner Valley. Sometimes the fish are much closer. I was lured to the south end of Fish Creek Park, by a half seen fish. The fish seen at 90 km/h from Stoney Trail turned out to be real. I never left Calgary.

This is Day 4 of Half Baked Ideas
Day 1 – So Many Half-Baked Ideas
Day 2 – Ethnic Flavours
Day 3 – Whiplash
• Day 4 – Twice Baked But Still Half – Today

Cheers, Sean

© Sean P Drysdale 2019

2 Replies to “Twice Baked But Still Half”

  1. As always, thank you for visiting and commenting.These photos may never meet the printer. A. though has printed the trees on fabric and is going to rework the image in embroidery.

  2. I am unused to looking at such high key images (I think that is the right word) and after several visits, I am still unsure what I think. I liked the trees. I can see where the paper selection for printing these would be very difficult.

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