Dear Reader (2019-12-06), Today the walk along 17th continues. But, we have a problem. There were not enough of any of the following explorations to make a complete post. Instead you get a cornucopia of views that caught my attention. In other words, there is … Continue readingWhiplash

Ethnic Flavours

Dear Reader (2019-12-05), The other day I found myself walking 20 blocks or so of 17th Ave. SE. Some people call it the hood, others call International Avenue, others refuse to go there, and I found it photographically rewarding. The focus is a little soft … Continue readingEthnic Flavours

Prairie Pano Plus

Dear Reader (2019-11-13), Though I had been thinking of photography, I hadn’t actually been out there with my camera for too long.  On Monday, photography began later than originally envisaged. But, I did get out.  That was a good and needed thing.  When I started … Continue readingPrairie Pano Plus