Jackdaw 06

Dear Reader (2023-06-20),In today’s collection of images, we travel the 2-3 hours by bus from Bucharest to Constanta.  I wander past security guards in Constanta, continue wandering along a boardwalk, and I reflect on and am thankful for my dumb luck.  We also board our … Continue readingJackdaw 06

Jackdaw 05

Dear Reader (2023-06-16),Today we continue our visit to the Bucharest area with stops at the mythical burial place of Vlad the Impaler, and a palace to marvel at floors and fabric.  The palace is also a prompt for a brief discussion about ghosts. I love … Continue readingJackdaw 05

Jackdaw 04

Dear Reader (2023-06-14),A Nigerian friend of mine once asked if I had been to Africa.  With a smile, he said that our trip to Morocco didn’t count.  I could say the same about our initial time in Istanbul.  It doesn’t really count as a visit … Continue readingJackdaw 04

Jackdaw 03

Dear Reader (2023-06-12),The Pink Floyd lines “Careful where you walk, Move along, move along” come to mind.  Oh the dreck I captured.  Today’s presentation challenge is to somehow communicate the lushness of history and visual splendor that is Topkapi Palace, using images that were captured … Continue readingJackdaw 03

Jackdaw 02

Dear Reader (2023-06-10),Yesterday I released the first post (click here) in this new Jackdaw series in which I will try and bring visual sense to our recent travels in Eastern Europe. The map [1] summarizes the cruise portion. Having slept on the current approach for … Continue readingJackdaw 02

Jackdaw 01

Dear Reader (2023-06-09),As some you know we have now returned from our most recent journey, which began in Istanbul.  Following a brief visit to that enticing city, we flew to Bucharest, and then onto the Black Sea where we began our river cruise up the … Continue readingJackdaw 01

The Frame Tale

Dear Reader (2023-02-12 – edited 2023-12-14),First of all, thank you to all those who came out for my Artist’s Talk yesterday.  Here is the long drawn out illustrated tale, which I mentioned, of how the frame got built. No, the preview image has nothing to … Continue readingThe Frame Tale

A Wandering Report 03

Dear Reader (2022-10-30),First to a clarification on how I number my posts.  I am currently making sporadic contributions to 3 series.  There are “Walking Reports”, which as the name suggests, concern those events where I drive to a trailhead, walk and then return.  There is … Continue readingA Wandering Report 03