Jackdaw 13

Dear Reader (2023-08-28),
I have news to share.

  • My new “Cartes de Visite” state my title is “Wanderer With a Lens”.
  • I will be participating in Exposure Festival 2024 with a new exhibition called “Shadows Passing”.
  • Today’s collection comes from London, where we were after drifting-at-speed along the Danube. I was hoping to finish the current Jackdaw series before the end of August. But … (ps all is good).

Notes On Photos
As Samuel Johnson said in 1777, “When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life”, and I am tired of neither.
~ 01 – Through a Taxi window
~ 03 – One of the places we did not eat at
~ 04 – If we don’t have it you don’t need it
~ 07 – A signed Banksy
~ 10 – Possibly a former pub called “The Hare and Hounds”
~ 13 – “Don’t Walk”
~ 19 – 21 – My favourite walk in London is between St. Paul’s Cathedral on one end of the Millennium Bridge and the Tate Modern on the other end of the bridge
~ 22 – Outside the Tate Modern – The Klint (Helma AF Klint not Gustav Klimt) / Mondrian exhibition was one of the finest I have ever seen
~ 23 – Context for the next image
~ 24 – Meanwhile an artist is sketching the gardens

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Cheers, Sean

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2 Replies to “Jackdaw 13”

  1. Let’s see if I can come up with cogent commentary, without my usual sitting with the photos a bit.

    1- Other than from Heathrow to Hampton to get to my brother’s flat, we didn’t take a taxi in London. I was thinking it would be fun to try one of the famous black cabs.

    3- I wouldn’t have either.

    6- If they have it, I don’t want it.

    7- I have never understood anything to do with Banksy.

    9- I have to know what that giant frill is actually for. My first thought was a launch platform for hang gliders and the like.

    10- Possibly. Or a taxidermy shop specializing in the aftermath of one of the British fox hunts, except I don’t think they do that any more, and thus the shop has gone out of business.

    11- I like this one. The name matches the photo. One speculates what is (or was) manufactured there.

    12 – Those sort of terraces only work if you live on the top floor. Everybody else has someone looking down on you. Then again, British history is full to overflowing of people looking down on one another.

    13- Nicely composed!

    20- Lovely photo! Pity about the cranes.

    22- That does not look like the invitational opening to an art gallery.

    23- I am coming to love watching other photographers at work! I can tell that every one of those photographers is going to get a boring photo of the posed couple, except for maybe the guy off to the left. He is watching, composing, waiting. Maybe he is the leader of the class, wondering why none of the students had listened to him. Maybe his is looking at you as you photograph the scene, wondering if you’ve got an angle he hasn’t considered. Maybe he’s wondering if you’re trying to crash the party. I’m guessing from the lenses that they are trying to include both of the posed people, but I don’t think that’s the photo. I’d be looking at her face, or their hands and his eyes.

    24- You don’t see many sketch artists any more, just as it’s getting more rare to see people carrying real cameras and knowing how to use them, as opposed to cell phones.

    You brought up your favourite walk in London. I’d love to go back and see more of it to choose a favourite walk.

    1. Thank you kindly for your recent trio of comments. As I mentioned in my text, it is always a treat to read your reactions / responses. Cheers

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