Jackdaw 12

Dear Reader (2023-08-21),
Correction: I accidently made Jackdaw 11 private. I apologize for doing so, and I have fixed that.

This post is the second for today, and the last of a trio of Vienna posts (Jackdaws 10,11,12). These twelve images are a mish mash of images I liked. They don’t have much tying them together except for place.

Notes On Photos
~ 01 – The composition makes me smile.
~ 02, 03 – In order to reach a particular gallery, I went to the end of a subway line where I saw scenes that could be nearly anywhere in Western Europe.
~ 04 – A corner market.
~ 05 – Speaking of mish mash.
~ 06 – Columbine in a city flower bed.
~ 07-12 – I took an ebike tour out of the city along the Danube.
~ 11-12 – Our ebike tour group took a small ferry that worked only on the current of the river from one side to the other.
~ 11 – There were prayer wheels near the dock on one side.
~ 12 – The destination dock on the other side.

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Cheers, Sean

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One Reply to “Jackdaw 12”

  1. Next!

    1- I once read somewhere there was meaning behind how many hooves are off the ground, in such statues.

    5- Did you go in? I think I would have.

    6- I would have taken that photo too.

    7- I have often wanted to have a nice cruiser bike so as to visit a downtown event, slowly riding around demonstrating how cool I am (not!), and taking photos along the way. The tall circus bikes, I get. This is sort of a hybrid of the two that looks almost unridable.

    11- I note the similar shapes between the communication tower, and the prayer wheels.

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