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Dear Reader (2023-10-08),

As some of you know, I recently returned (October 4) from a five-week tour of an area East of the Caspian Sea, West of China, and North of Iran and Afghanistan called the Five Stans.  If you are hoping for any sort of consistency from this new series of posts, then for my newer viewers let’s get 31 things clear.
~ I post on an idiosyncratic basis,
~ I capture and present images with a large monitor in mind, and therefore these images are best viewed on such a thing.
~ In order to keep you and I at least vaguely engaged, I curate the images you see, and I try (not always successfully) to present images that are more than diary photos.
~ Though Facebook doesn’t necessarily respect the order of photographs, there is usually an order to the images.
~ I will be posting the same set of images simultaneously to both my blog ( and to my private Facebook page.
~ The chances of me finishing this series before another sparkly thing strikes my fancy are low.

So, let us begin with images from 3 Mosques and Minarets in Astana, Kazakhstan.

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As always, all comments are welcome and sought.
Cheers, Sean

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4 Replies to “Five Stans 001”

  1. This series is so very calming. I love the colours and intensity (or lack thereof) that you went with. Beautiful

  2. Wow! I haven’t sat with these for a while like usual, but no need to. They are instantly striking.
    1. Lovely composition. That blue! Pity the water isn’t calm for a reflection photo.
    2. !!!!!
    3. And there is an unconventional reflection photo. I’d be over the moon getting that to come out the way it did.
    4-6, The sky background makes these work. Especially 6.
    8. Somebody built all this. The prosaic touch of the guy vacuuming the floor helps to enhance the beauty of the surroundings.
    12. The chandelier photos are gorgeous, but I really like this one, with people sitting on the floor. It emphasizes the scale of the building. Except for the one guy taking a photo, they’re all ho hum, been here before. I could believe they’re hanging out, waiting for their number in line to be called, to be admitted to another part of the building.

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