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Dear Reader (2023-08-21; updated 22:00) ,
Correction: I accidently made this post private. I apologize for doing so, and I have fixed that.

So a couple of days, for any number of debatable reasons, turned into a week. In the first of two posts for today, we continue to explore Vienna with a focus on multiple perspectives of its urban experience.

Notes On Photos
~ 09 – A gardener tends to his patch of earth wearing air pods
~ 14 – A horse carriage driver takes a break
~ 17 – At water’s edge there are exercise machines available for use at no charge

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One Reply to “Jackdaw 11”

  1. Now that the giant book production orgy has ended, I took a break from the computer for a couple days. I didn’t want to think about images or words that go with images. Now I can’t wait to see the books. One is doing the great Seattle Tacoma Redmond circle route. The other is being printed. On to your images and get caught up. Let us begin at the beginning.

    1-I never know what this sort of elaborate art is saying now. Back in the day it was saying, “I am the great and powerful Oz, able to commission these works to demonstrate my wealth and good taste, and let the commentariat tell you peons what it means.” I suspect that for most people living there now (see photo 9), it’s just backdrop. For some public worker, it’s just a job to periodically pressure wash off the bird poop.

    3-These grand hotels are an interesting relic of a bygone era. I’m guessing that staying there allows the guests to feel that they are rich and important. Sometimes a High Tea (or equivalent) is a fun experience, but sometimes the aura doesn’t make up for the poor quality substance.

    4- I would love to have a library office in a turret.

    5- More art extolling a heroic story to serve the leader of the day.

    6- Same turret?

    7- Not quite a turret, but a tower office will do in a pinch.

    8- There’s probably a story here, but I’m not getting it.

    9- I like the contrast between the pompous statues declaiming something, and an ordinary man going about his business. More subtly, the stone base of the statue compared to the worn boards supporting the raised garden bed.

    10- I wonder what happened to that upper shutter that was removed. Why? Is there a story there? You’ll note the lower shutters can’t be opened.

    12- Reflections! Lots to look at, and lines to follow.

    13- Actors in a period play? Employees of a grand hotel taking a break from dealing with guests? I am guessing one is saying to the other, “My feet hurt, yours?” Or maybe “Tourists!”

    14- That’s got to be a tough way to make a living. It makes me think about the logistics involved. Where does the horse live? What does it think of being surrounded by pavement and buildings, rather than a field?

    15- They are asking themselves, “Do we really want to do this?”

    16- I thought about this one for a while. On the surface it’s a bunch of tourists milling around. Of the 28 people in the scene, 9 are directly interacting with a cell phone being used as a camera. When we consider that each person thinks of themselves as the star of the show, it lends a different perspective to what each of the people is doing.

    17- I would be in the hammock.

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