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Dear Reader (2023-08-12),
I have new projects and adventures coming soon, and yet I haven’t finished a current one. In other words I need to get my ass in gear. In today’s post we are jumping to Vienna, Austria, because that is the set I felt like editing. Furthermore, I am not providing background research on the current capital of Austria, and the former seat of power and wealth for the Austro-Hungarian empire.

Vienna is a visual feast, and it is easy to feel stuffed very quickly. On the other hand, if one steps even two blocks away from the pedestrian tourist highways, there are wonderful details to be discovered. There are also bucolic parts easily accessible via bicycle or e-bike. There are old things, new things , things that make me smile, details that charm, and then there are the just plain strange. The last image of this set is an example of the latter.

I am sure, at the time this sculpture, celebrating the great friendship between the US and Austria, made sense. Through 21 century eyes, it is hard to know what to think.

As I mentioned before, I am loathe to deluge with you too many images in a single post. So, there are going to be a total of 3 Vienna posts over the next couple of days.

Notes on Photos
~ 1 – The tourist highways are full
~ 7 – Self-portrait
~ 11 – I don’t think this is a Banksy, but then again it could be.

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Cheers, Sean

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2 Replies to “Jackdaw 10”

  1. I took a look, especially at the last image you warned me about. I like to sit with your images a bit before commenting, then life got away from me a bit there. Anyways.

    3- It’s a wonderful space, but what makes the image for me is the look on the woman’s face. Does she know those two people? Are the old friends?

    The other photos with people, or reflections, are all quite nice, and capture a bit of a moment, especially the guy in the raincoat.

    Then we get to 8. The statue is a bit over the top, but then, lots of statues are. Nicely composed.

    9. Normally I get why you took the photo, even if I might not care for it, or wouldn’t have taken it myself. This one leaves me a little baffled.

    11. I like what you did there.

    15 is a wonderful bit of art, and nicely captured.

    17. You know I’m a big fan of reflection photos. Lots to look at there.

    18. You’re right. This is a little creepy. Even after several days of contemplation, off and on, it’s still creepy, and a bit baffling. Which of the figures is Amerika (sic), and which is Australien (sic)? Who does the child represent? The halo around the child is a weird statement at best. Maybe the sculptor was paid well by someone with some strange ideas.

    1. As always, thank you for visiting and commenting. In the case of 9, I was initially drawn to the light. Then I started trying to find an interesting composition, and in the end I had a triangle with 3 disparate elements.

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