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Dear Reader (2023-08-05),
Fog, mist, and drizzle drift in and out on our wander (May 2023) through the Belogradchik Rocks and Fortress in Bulgaria. There are only about a dozen of us on this particular tour. For the first hour, we have the place to ourselves. Between the weather and the lack of people, the place feels wild and other worldly.

Belogradchik Rocks [1] – Excerpts from a submission to the World Heritage Convention
“The rocks of Belogradchik are rock sculptures, situated west of the town of Belogradchik, in the fore hills of the western Balkan mountain range. They contain groups of rock figures resembling people, animals, fortresses, pyramids or different objects with imposing sizes – from a few meters to several dozens of meters.

“There are rock formations in the World that can be compared to the rocks of Belogradchik in terms of geologic forms, type and origin, but as beauty, variety of shapes, impressiveness and scale they are important to Europe and among a handful of unique natural phenomena on the Earth. The rock formations in the Arches National Park (USA), the Three Sisters Hanging Rock in the Greater Blue Mountains Area (Australia) and the Rock Sites of Cappadocia (Turkey) are similar. The Greater Blue Mountains and the Rock Sites of Cappadocia are included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Belogradchik Fortress [2]
“The Belogradchik Fortress, is an ancient fortress located on the north slopes of the Balkan Mountains, close to the northwestern Bulgarian town of Belogradchik. The initial fortress was constructed during the roman empire, and was extended in the 14th Century. Further changes were made in the 19th Century. The fortress is one of the best-preserved strongholds in Bulgaria and a cultural monument of national importance.

“The fortress’s walls are over 2 metres (6.6 ft) thick in the foundation and reaching up to 12 m (39 ft) in height. Three separate fortified yards exist that are connected with each other through gates. The fortress has a total area of 10,210 square metres (109,900 sq ft).

Notes on Photos
~ 01 – Good golly Miss Molly – In the parking lot preparing for a graduation cruise
~ 02 – Entrance is through the gate (bottom left) and through another gate (center)
~ 06, 07 – Safe ish

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~ [1] – quoted from https://whc.unesco.org/en/tentativelists/5640/
~ [2] – adapted and quoted from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Belogradchik_Fortress

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2 Replies to “Jackdaw 09”

  1. These are all quite lovely! I really like the softness of the fog modifying and layering the hardness of the stone. That adds to the air of age and mystery. In contrast, 3 doesn’t fit in, although in it’s own way I like it. I would not like to be the general in charge of laying siege to this fortress.

    1. Thank you Keith for visiting and commenting. I agree that 3 is not like the others but it did come from the same place.

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