Sentinels Released (New Series)

Dear Reader (2020-02-29),

I am really pleased and excited to share with you a new series called “Sentinels”. This ongoing body of work began taking form nearly 2 years ago. Below is the series introduction from my CV and Artist’s Statement (click here).

“Sentinels” is a series under the Roadside Attractions (click here) umbrella.  Across the foothills and prairies , hay bales stand alone. I now call these guardians muffets.  Like cows, they make me smile.  Grain bins are my new anchors for a long running interest in limits.

I look forward to your comments, and I am particularly interested in knowing of any images that you think should be edited out of the collection.

These images have been added to the Roadside Attractions (click here) page.

Cheers, Sean

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