Day 04 The Rules

Dear Reader (2020-04-07),

I hope you are physically and mentally healthy.  After 3 years of being on Facebook and not having any Facebook friends (by choice), I have now broken with the pattern. In these times of cave dwelling, I like many others are feeling the importance of connections – so into the abyss I go.

Today is Day 4 of a new project – 30 photographic experiments in 30 days.  An experiment means that the resulting image or images are not necessarily polished.  All projects have constraints and this one is no different.  Here are the rules, (which may change as I see fit).

  1. All experiments are new to me.  In other words I don’t get to rehash things that are familiar to me.
  2. No backlogs.  More than 1 experiment can be performed in 1 day, but those extra experiments cannot be queued and used as an experiment for a future date. Furthermore at least 1 experiment is to be completed everyday.
  3. All experiments are to be performed (inside or outside) on our suburban Calgary property.
  4. Material for experiments use stuff we already have, with the exception of glue and tape.
  5. Experiments do not carry over from one day to the next, unless they are substantially different.  For instance days 2 and 3 represent different experiments.  Some experiments may need to be initiated on one day and completed on a different day.  Experiments like that only count on the day they are completed.
  6. The resulting images, images, or videos have titles.
  7. That is 30 days without breaks.
  8. All suggestions are welcome and if you make a suggestion, I invite you to also perform the experiment yourself.

There will be a new 30 in 30 page coming soon.  In the mean time here are the first 4 days.
~ Day 1 (April 4) “Ocean Tossed” (1 image 1 video)
~ Day 2 (April 5) “Under The Onions” (6 images)
~ Day 3 (April 6) “I Sea You” (2 images)
~ Day 4 (April 7) “The Old Globe Thistle Pigs” (1 image)

Cheers, Sean

All rights for all material on any media reserved – © Sean P Drysdale 2020

2 Replies to “Day 04 The Rules”

  1. Love the ones with the googgely eyes and blue lighting, but no fish line showing. I could easily believe they are alien creatures checking out earth to see if the recently dominant hominoids have finished themselves off yet.
    I had seen the first of these on Facebook, but didn’t understand there were rules. I am thinking that rules and limitations help shape the experience, but am suspecting that the obligatory artsy shot (beach division and non-beach divisions) rules seem simple in comparison.

    1. As always thank you for visiting and commenting. Rules and limitations do help shape the experience, and that is all intentional. I like your obligatory artsy shot rule for its simplicity, and I am sure that it too gave a flavour to your beach experiences. Currently my rule set is a little too wordy and prescriptive. As the journey continues I expect and hope that these constraints will become better articulated. As in many things less is more. Cheers

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