Not The Limpopo River

Dear Reader (2019-11-03),

This collection is not about crossing the great green greasy Limpopo River.  For fans of Rudyard Kipling and the Just So Stories, the Limpopo River is where the elephant got its trunk.  In my case I met a couple of people crossing the Red Deer river who were returning to their home in the Maritimes, after travelling by motorcycle through 13 states and as far as north as Alaska.

I met nothing that even vaguely resembled a crocodile when I drove out into the Prairies late August, in the general vicinity of Drumheller. Some of these images are panoramas and would print very nicely very wide.

Cheers, Sean

PS Thank you Kelly for adding me to your blog roll.

2 Replies to “Not The Limpopo River”

  1. Well! What a big hit of lovely! That certainly is not a grey-green greasy river, nor are those fever trees on the banks.

    What there are, are lovely reflections. I’m glad I looked on the computer screen, since the powerline ball is not visible on the laptop, and is perfectly placed.

    The panorama is making my photo eye sing this morning. Wow! I hope someone wants to print that big.

    After looking at your black and white hoodoos, I should revisit mine.

    The sky and farmland without the flowers is growing on me, though I’m not so sure about the one with the flowers. I’ll have to think about it.

    This is heresy in some communities, but I’m meh about Sharples in strong daylight. I’d love to see it in other light, and there is discussion of a night time trip.

    1. As you know I am not a fan of the small screen, and so I am always pleased when someone takes the time to view my images on a large screen, and is then rewarded for the effort. I was speaking with A and now know why the image with the flower is problematic. The flower is too close to the bottom of the frame. This adds a tension that is not helpful to the image. I’m all for heresies and a night shoot. Thank you for visiting and commenting.

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