A Walk in A Park

Dear Reader,

I have recently handed in my resignation, and now I can get back to important things like sharing my recent wanders with you.  Yesterday was a walk in a park with an old friend and new friends whom I had never met.  The park was the western end of Fish Creek.  Keith was our enthusiastic lead wanderer.  Before I left the house, I decided my constraints would be my 35 mm (on a crop sensor), and a tripod.  At the start of the wander, I waffled about the tripod constraint.  As you can see from the images below, waffling was resolved.

All the photos are 4s except for photo 5.  That one is really a 3.5 because the focus is off.  But, I did take my shoes and socks off and waded into the f..g freezing creek with the tripod.  I give myself points for seeing the image.  I lose points on the execution.  Maybe, next time I will carry boots with me.

For the record the image that is currently holding my attention the longest is the vertical one – go figure.

A walk in a park is always rewarding – it was a good wander with good people.

Cheers, Sean

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    1. I enjoyed meeting you too. It is so nice to have a new visitor and commenter. Thank you for both. Cheers, Sean

  1. Glad you enjoyed the walk! Kind of a pity that the icy dam photo didn’t totally work out, given what efforts you went to in order to get it. i’m really liking the one with red leaves.

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