Guess Where

Day 1 of 4
Mmm, where was I Sunday morning after waking up at 3:47? After the water tower, I found a new road. Actually calling it a road is giving it more credit than it’s due, but it did have a signpost and therefore it was fair game for the truck. The dirt track took me to all sorts of prairie wonders. As the images of the morning don’t all fit together, I am going to spread them out over the next 4 days or so. If the technology does what it is supposed to, I can write them all today and queue them for timed release.

There was still some smoke in sky and as a result the light was unusual. The colours were close to true but a little off, and a little filtered.

Cheers, Sean

2 Replies to “Guess Where”

  1. That first one kind of gives the location away. Just saying. The smoke or inversions can give an interesting effect, but the light has to be perfect, otherwise it just looks like smog.

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