Oh They Were Pissed

Dear Reader,

Day 2 of 4
The crows really didn’t want me there. They did their job very well, very loudly, and I didn’t listen. They also made very compelling subjects. Some may find these images technically flawed, and you would not be wrong. On the other hand, they do to my mind capture some semblance of birdness and crowness.

This is the second set of the Gleichen ramble. The first one can be found here.

Cheers, Sean

2 Replies to “Oh They Were Pissed”

  1. Birds are tough subjects, and crows are right up on the difficult scale. That glossy black, usually against a bright sky. The third one worked best, I think.

    1. Birds are also surprisingly quick when you are trying to track them through the viewfinder. It makes me appreciate bird photographers so much more, as their experience helps them sense where the bird might be next. It reminds me of the adage writers have – write what you know (and care about). I believe an analogous adage holds true for photographers. Thank you for visiting and commenting.

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