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Dear Reader,

I am glad to be back at work. As per normal for this roving resource / sr. business analyst the field is new, the learning curve is steep, and my brain is mostly certainly engaged. Though my skill set is not vertical specific, every new vertical and organization has a language to learn.

Just for fun, I have also started a new online photography course, which was recommended by a friend, and is taught by David duChemin. I hadn’t actually been looking for one, but there was a corner of my being that was looking for guidance in the realm of craft and creativity. Opportunities arrive when we’re open to accepting them. The course, which is now closed to new participants, had already started when I joined. I have just completed my first assignment, produce a body of work (read series) of 12 photos. Ah, this is something I know about, but this is all about learning.

Yesterday, was grey and uninspiring, and a fine day for puttering indoors. Today was gorgeous. The “List ” was far too long to spend half the day driving, so I spent 2 hours in the front yard with tulips and daffodils. 12 photos of flowers was my objective, but first I needed some self-assigned constraints. Here they are: low ISO, high aperture, slow speed, 105 macro lens, and tripod. I wanted a touch of motion and sharpness, in order to give my images a sense of life. Now, you will go but but … that doesn’t make sense. And you are absolutely right, but hey those were the constraints I gave myself. Guess what, most of the images didn’t work, and I won’t bore you with those. The two below though I like – they have sensuality and life.

Cheers Sean

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  1. Sean, I enjoy your experimental approach using constraints as it is very much in tune with how I like to approach learning. Before I retired I spent 40 years as an educator. I agree that both images have sexual and aliveness about them. As well, they have a fragile aspect to them as well. I want to enjoy them now while they last knowing that they will soon be gone.
    Thanks for sharing a link to your blog.

  2. Flowers can be difficult, but oh so rewarding. I usually go with as low as ISO as possible, wide open or nearly so, and a shutter faster rather than slower. Usually.

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