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Dear Reader (2024-03-01),
As per my previous post from earlier today (Five Stans 15), here is the On The Road collection of images from Tajikistan.  As I think I have already mentioned we spent a lot of time on the road during our visit to the Stans.  Tajikistan seemed to have particularly long and usually rewarding driving days.  Much of my appreciation for the country came from looking out a bus window.  With the exception of 14 (below) and possibly 06, I think all the images were captured from a bus window while the bus was moving at whatever was the fastest speed conditions and the road permitted.

Notes on Photos
~ 01 – Khujand (a city) apartment building
~ 02, 03 – Leaving Dushanbe (a city) on a wall in front of an abandoned industrial complex there is a sequence of heroes to remember and buildings to celebrate.
~ 04 – Thanks to our great leader a new apartment building is coming soon.
~ 09 – As in Shadows Passing there are unknown secrets and tales we know nothing about.
~ 13 – Unless you view this image on a monitor, you will miss the people and the laden donkey.
~ 15, 16 – It is not always clear whether a mine is operational or not.
~ 17 – I am bubbly that I captured a Burtynsky (Edward) like image out a bus window (1/3200 sec, f/9.0, ISO 2000).  For scale there is a car near the bottom of the screen.  The dust is from dump trucks. The blue smoke is possibly (our local guide did not know the actual source) from a coal seam that has been burning for decades.  IMHO this image only makes sense on a monitor.
~ 18 – Under construction

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One Reply to “Five Stans 16”

  1. Photos through a window are always a bit tricky, and doubly so through a moving vehicle. I’ve seen (and done) some where it was not possible to tell. Clean window, distant subject, fast shutter, lens stabilization. A reflection might or might not add to the interest in the photo. Filthy windows can make for interesting images, but typically not. Most of these I couldn’t tell on first viewing that they were through a window, so that much is good.
    7- that shaft of light could be a sunbeam, or a window reflection. In either case it does not distract from the image. In any case, this road clearly needs the driver to pay attention.
    8-Love the textures!
    11- similar to 7, but the reflections are a bit distracting. Not much, though.
    14-Love it! I somehow suspect there used to be a mountain on top of that flat area.
    17-Love it again! Now I have to look up Burtynsky.

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