Five Stans 17 – Out and About

Dear Reader (2024-03-04),
As per Five Stans 15 (2024-03-01), here is the next collection of images from Tajikistan (September 2023), Out and About.

Notes on Photos
~ 01 – A museum attendant strikes a pose for me.
~ 02 – We have lunch in a private home where a table can be booked.  The owner is a collector of so many things.  I would like to spend a month or three “framing” all his wonders some of which probably had value.  Other objects were Tajik kitsch.
~ 03 – Another day another lunch stop.  We sit in chairs.  Tajik travelers sprawl on cushions.
~ 04 to 06 – In Dushanbe at night the lights turn on and people of all ages go for a walk and a look.
~ 07 to 12 – It is a long drive to Iskanderkul Lake and then less than an hour’s walk to a waterfall.
~ 07 – The road to the lake is on the left of the river.  The path to the falls is on the right.

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One Reply to “Five Stans 17 – Out and About”

  1. The commenting got away from me. As you know, I like to sit with your images a bit before commenting. Usually my commenting keeps up with your posts, but the dam has burst with the Stans. I’ll be thinking about comments, and then I notice an updated blog. Sometimes I’ve looked at the images and my brain goes down a rabbit hole, wondering about all sorts of things related and unrelated to the images. So here goes. I’m in a lull between library books amidst the blah photography season.

    1. I’m reminded of small town museums, often in a school building that is no longer a school. Photos of people who used to be important, and are fading from memory. Items that used to be important and are now a source of wonderment.

    4. Fun! There’s an old railway tunnel in Brockville that does much the same thing, and it’s surprisingly interesting.

    6. Water is hard to photograph. Having people wander into the frame is a constant challenge.

    The lake reminds me of the central BC desert.

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