Five Stans 11

Dear Reader (2024-02-10),
In today’s penultimate Kyrgyzstan (and then we’ll change to the next Stan) post there are multiple points of interest:

~ 01 to 04 – we drive first to Uzgen, a UNESCO World Heritage site,
~ 02 – an out of focus, possibly over-processed image from a bus window, which I still like
~ 04 – we stop and take note of a famous figure (possibly Babur),
~ 05 to 08 – Uzgen
~ 09 to 10 – we visit one of the oldest markets on the silk road, the Osh market
~ 12 to 14 – In Osh we walk up a hill past a museum, which I’m pretty sure was used in an early James Bond film to see the little mosque of Babur, founder of the Moghul Dynasty. Both the museum and the mosque were closed because Tuesday rules applied.  Throughout central Asia rules change by the day, and sometimes by the hour. The only option available is to accept the rules as they are applied when they apply. For someone who appreciates random events, I found this approach to rules humorous and life-affirming.
~ 15 to 20 – In Osh
~ 19 – The tourist information office
~ 20 – A glimpse out the bus window.

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Cheers, Sean

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2 Replies to “Five Stans 11”

  1. I’m not sure what to think. Normally I like to give your blogs a quick look, sort of like looking at the menu in a restaurant, then sitting with them when I have a few moments. These have had that treatment, and yet I remain mostly wordless. Still, pressing onwards, might be shorter comments than usual.

    1-looks like a commercial fish farm. We once took a boat tour in Nova Scotia that took us past a fish farm, and the language from the boat driver shocked me. I had thought that fish farms were a good thing, but apparently not. We look for wild fish now. Which is starting to lead my brain down a whole series of thoughts perhaps best not written here. Or they are the exit points of an underwater missile silo. Next!
    2-an example where less is more. This could easily be a mountain scene with every rock in sharp focus, everything clearly lit, and it would be BORING! The mist or dust and soft focus opens the mind to what could be there.
    9-I would eat all the dates. It reminds me of an open market in Venice. We were looking at lettuce, or salad, and asked for the amount for two. He reached in, grabbed a handful, and said, “this much?” We nodded and it went into a bag. The post COVID survivor in me is horrified at that now, but back then it was no big deal.
    12-I don’t think it was a Bond film, but I do think I’ve seen it in some movie. It’s hard to tell sometimes the way they can use some elements of a scene, and hide the background. I somehow suspect they don’t get a lot of wheelchair bound people as visitors.
    19- So cute! It reminds me of The Enchanged Forest near Sicamous.

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