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In today’s post we go for a long drive in Kyrgyzstan “over the mountains and under the stars” (1) from Bishkek into the Fergana Valley to Toktogul Lake.  The hotel had hot water and the beds were clean.  The locks on the doors were a fantasy, and more than one boot had gone through the cardboard walls.  Looking out towards the lake, off to the left, a swimming pool with peeling paint had become a toxic sludge holding tank.  In the evening and well into the night, under the boughs of a magnificent willow tree, we filled the garbage can with empty bottles until it was overflowing and laughed until our stomachs hurt.

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(1) from Broken Arrow by Reuben and The Dark – the song may not be appropriate but I love the line

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One Reply to “Five Stans 10”

  1. 3-There is something quite different about these mountain photos you’ve taken on this trip, and the ones that can be had near home.
    4-Probably best not thinking about the engineeering skills that went into that bridge. Or not.
    5, 6-Looks like a fun drive!
    8-I’m in love with this photo! I hope you print it.
    9-I think this one is from much the same place as 8, but as big a fan as I am of panorama photos, this doesn’t work as well as 8.
    10-I was sort of ho-hum when I first looked at it, but as I left it there for a few minutes while doing something else, it grew on me. It has a film quality to it, and all the different layers.
    11-Whimsical. I am imagining the conversation that the 6 birds on the right are having about the one bird by itself.
    12-15-Such a big open space! I think I’d like the emptiness.
    16-I’m reminded about the ruins of a Club Med near where we stayed in Bermuda. I guess the locals couldn’t take the hedonism and forced them out. There is the remains of a nice swimming pool in a big hole in the ground. There’s something really sad about an abandoned swimming pool.

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