An Invitation and Number 23

Dear Reader (2021-05-24),
Today’s Post is in 2 Parts.  First there is an invitation, and then there is Walking Report 23.

Part 1 – An Invitation

I didn’t stop walking. I just took a pause from writing.  As well, much of my photography was uninspiring with only  the occasional bright spot.  Today, in honour of good queen Vic’s birthday, I’m pleased to announce the official start of this year’s walking reports.  As each report needs a walk, this is also the start of would- you-like-to-join-me.  Last year’s approach seemed to work.  You let me know if you are interested in future walks, and I will add you to a Facebook mailing list.  I let everyone on the list know about the next walk.  The list is a tool for sharing logistics – It is not a tool for discussing photography topics. If you end up on the list and don’t want to be on it, please delete yourself from it.

  • Walks are typically anywhere from less than 10k to around 20k.  Some are relatively flat like the Karst Spring Trail.  Other are huff and puff extravaganzas like Centennial Ridge.
  • Walks typically start around 08:00 and sometimes much earlier.  If I know you are coming, I will wait 10/15 minutes for you.
  • Walking pace is a photographer’s one. A 10k walk can easily take 4.5 hours or more.  This year I plan on using my tripod more often, which means capture sessions will be longer.
  • If you join me, I trust you are suitably prepared for the whims of the weather gods, bugs, and bears.
  • I am not a guide, leader, or follower.  But, if you would like to walk beside me that would be lovely.

To whet your appetite here are some of this year’s ideas.
Point to Point
~ Canmore to Banff via Goat Creek Trail
~ Smith-Dorrien Highway to #40 via South Buller Pass, Galatea and Lillian Lakes
~ Moraine Lake through Paradise Valley via Sentinel Pass and Giant Steps
~ Takakkawa Falls to Emerald Lake

Loops and Out and Backs
~ Chester Lake
~ Peyto Lake
~ Karst Spring Trail
~ Big Beehive (not the scramble bits) above Lake Louise
~ The Rock Garden on the way to Mt. Allan
~ Porcupine Ridge

~ Lake O’Hara camping
~ Mt. Assinaboine camping

Part 2 – A Walking Report 23
Friday May 21, 2021 – Upper Kananaskis Lake <> 11.5 k – out and back

Last night I put my kit together.  The boots got a new coat of silicone, goose fat, and pomegranate seeds (note 1).  This morning I packed the car with my day pack and the what- if bag.  That last bag contains among other things toilet paper, dry socks, extra water, toiletries, and a variety of clothing options.  Those options are particularly important at this time of year because we are in the in-between-times.  In the foothills and mountains, it is neither winter nor spring.  I really don’t know what I’ll be wearing and carrying until I reach the trail head.

I leave the house around 07:00, coffee in hand.  This first cup usually gets me to the Starbucks near COP. My normal ritual cannot be completed as the store is undergoing renovations.  For a moment of superstition, I fear that this portends ominous events.  But then again it is only a cup of coffee – I drive on.

The fields west of town are dusted in sugar from last night’s snowfall.  The stubble glows when the clouds thin.  In another 5 / 6 hours convoys of travel trailers will be on the road, marking the unofficial start of camping season.  This morning I have Highway 40 nearly all to myself – I smile. It has been nearly 2 months since I was last here.  On that drive I was headed to Chester Lake.  Today’s destination is Upper Kananaskis Lake.  The parking lot is empty when I arrive around 09:00.  15 minutes later I start walking around the lake counterclockwise with 2 vague inspirations in mind.

A couple of days ago I saw tree silhouette images by Nigel Francis .  I am also thinking that it might be nice to capture the falls on the Kananaskis River at the far end of the lake.  The waterfall will have to wait until another day.  By the time I get a third of the way around the lake, it is time to turn around.

Notes on Images
01 On my drive here, as I was rounding a corner travelling at 80 kph, I tried photographing a deer that briefly appeared at the side of the road.  The result along with some Lightroom work is this happy photographic accident.  The deer got nowhere near the truck or the lens.

02-04 A little bit of forethought and a little bit of post-processing hmm I wonder what will happen if …

05-07 Some of you would have already seen these images on Facebook.  I may have been inspired by silhouettes, but that wasn’t what happened.

My walk around the lake last year resulted in several experiments.  Today’s walk is also filled with experiments.  I think there is something in the air of this lake that encourages play.  I will have to go back soon, and check my hypothesis.

To remove the annoying band across the top of the full size image, click anywhere on the image.

As always, all comments are welcome and sought.
Cheers, Sean

Note 1 – Actually, I haven’t a clue on the contents of the boot protection cream.

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  1. The walks sound like something I would be interested in and I would love to be added to the notification list. This is a great idea!

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