A Wandering Report 2

Dear Reader (2021-03-06),
Re: Sunday February 28, 2020

Earlier this year Cam had posted a wonderful image.  When I asked him where it was, he replied that it was the Natural Bridge and he would be interested in going again.  We agree to meet at the parking lot well before dawn in the hopes of getting pre-dawn light. 

I awake at stupid o’clock for the long drive out to Yoho National Park.  Cam is already there when I arrive around seven am.  It is less than 100 meters to a pedestrian bridge that takes us over a frozen river. There are a couple of unofficial access trails leading down to the river.  The deep freeze of earlier weeks has abated, and we wonder if the ice is still safe.  Cam, who also some portable lights with him, uses a portable drill to bore a hole in the ice.  The bit reaches its maximum depth of 4” without hitting water.  Dr. Google says ice should be at least four inches thick to support a person.  We cross the river to the opening under (photo 01) the Natural Bridge, and retest the ice.  For the next 2 hours it is just the two us, capturing a multitude of images.

There was no pre-dawn colour to the sky, and it was a very good morning – thank you Cam.

Caution  It has been warm this past week, and the stability of the ice is even more questionable than when we were there.  Please do not venture into this remarkable location, unless you can test the safety of the ice.  I suspect access opportunities for this winter are now over.

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As always, your comments are sought and welcomed.

Cheers, Sean

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  1. These absolutely needed to be viewed on the big monitor! They’re all good, and 10 and 11 are spectacular!

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