A Walking Report 10 with Joni

Dear Reader (2020-07-23),

That would be Joni Mitchell and a line from the song Coyote “A prisoner of the white lines on the freeway”.  I’ve loved and kept that line for decades.  Highway 40, the road to Lundbreck and back, is not really a freeway. It does though have white lines, expanses that nearly make me cry, and cows.  As Corb Lund says “Everything is better with cows around”.  On July 9th, I drove to Lundbreck Falls and pitched my tent at the Provincial Park for a night by the side of Crowsnest River.  The following day I drove out to Coleman for a walk and then drove home.  The whole trip was inspired by a photo of the falls I saw on Facebook.

The first post in this sequence is an exploration.  So often I forget to adequately explore my subject.  This was an opportunity to try out multiple ideas and perspectives during capture and post-production.  Some of these images work and some not so much.  I hope you find this collection at least mildly engaging.

The image with the water spots is what happens when you get too close to falling water. Furthermore, I had a polarizing filter on my lens which has since been replaced because moisture got trapped between the rotating components. I know, it’s an expensive photo and not particularly remarkable – ah well.

Cheers, Sean

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3 Replies to “A Walking Report 10 with Joni”

  1. My two trips there have been a low water summer doldrums. The falls look quite different at high water. In this case if find the black and white looks kind of flat, where as the green vegetation, and the subtle colour in the water really give some depth to the image. I’m a bit surprised there isn’t more mist at the base of the falls in the longer exposure images.

    I love the play of the water on the rills of rock in 2805. That’s where my eye goes, rather than the main body of the falls off to the left. Maybe because I’ve seen so many waterfalls, and the subtle ridges and play of water is something new.

    The water spots make the image more intriguing, especially the sky.

    1. Thank you for visiting and commenting. In the case of the longer exposure images, I think the mist just becomes part of the silk.

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