Return to Gleichen

Dear Reader,

Today, we step aside from the Devon coast, of which there will be more soon, and return briefly to the prairies.  On Sunday, J and I went for a ramble on what I now call the Gleichen, Arrowood, Mossleigh loop.  The paved roads were familiar but some of the gravel roads were new.  Though I am not a fisherman, I appreciate the idea that catching fish is a bonus to just being out there afloat.  Looking for fish is a pleasure on its own. J hadn’t been out to the prairies for a long, long time, and also thoroughly enjoyed the ramble.

In a complete break with tradition I thought it might be interesting to share with you the dozen Sunday fish before they are cleaned.  These photos are fresh off the line and are in their pure raw form (converted to jpeg and compressed for the web).  I haven’t even changed the colour profile let alone performed even the smallest of adjustments or spotting.

Cheers, Sean

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  1. I am eager to see the edited versions of at least the irrigation systems and the shaft of sunlight. I know I’d have fun with the shaft of sunlight, making viewers think it was a giant death ray from the Borg or something, then I’d settle down. Probably.

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