On the Edge – Walking Part 1

Dear Reader,

Today is day 3 of the Great Devon Family Ramble. In Devon you walk. You can walk on the shore or you can walk on the cliff, but you walk, and it is a real pleasure. The sea is always there, and where there is the sea there is usually a horizon that beckons. Today’s photos are from different walks on different days at different times.

Some of you may wonder, mmm I wonder if there is a link to the “The Thin Line” series. The last of today’s photos answers that quesstion.

Cheers, Sean

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  1. The English Riviera! Never been there. We see the English countryside so often in movies, especially period pieces that I suspect actually going would be more of the London experience. By that I mean, realizing you’d seen it before in a movie and wondering which one, which sort of taints the experience. I think it would be even more so in the country. Then again, the movie scenes are often framed with exquisite care to avoid including anachronisms, or the digitially edit them out, and would thus leave the visitor wondering if they’d seen it before or not.

    I’m fond of including benches in photos, so photo 2 rang my chimes. Lots to look at there. 7 was the next one that really caught my eye. The sky, the lines of the rolling hills, beach, fence, the lovely green, all made me happy.

    I didn’t notice the power lines in 9 in the smaller version, only when I looked in the bigger version. At first I didn’t like them and was thinking I’d have framed the shot to avoid them. Then I started thinking about boundaries and edges, and that even a photo of the open sky has boundaries whether we realize it or not.

    In all of these your gentler hand on editing, especially in the sky, seems appropriate, and I suspect it would show up even more so in a print.

    1. Thank you for visiting and commenting. I like your comment on the last photo, because it tells me that it triggered further thought. The country really is that gorgeous. I am a little disappointed in myself that you noticed the editing. My intent was to be subtle in my editing, and to touch the photo just enough to have it align with the memory of my response to the land. I have though started to add selective sharpening to some of the UK images.

      1. I noticed the editing only in the sense that I probably would have edited it a more. Maybe. I generally prefer my skies to be gently dramatic rather than gently bucolic, if given a choice. Then again, maybe if I was wandering the Devon countryside I’d feel more bucolic about the whole thing.

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