Dear Reader (2019-04-28),

I know the golden rule of social media is to only show completed work.  But hey, it’s my website, my rules.  Today I have 4 versions of the same image for you.   The photo was captured on Friday’s 2 hour tour.  In process order, the images are as follows:

1 – This is the original raw image out of Lightroom with absolutely nothing done to it – not even a colour profile was applied.  The light was flat, and the image was captured using a tripod from the side of the road.  As per normal for my Nikon D7100, the focus is good, the colours are a little pale, and everything looks soft.

2 – The photo has been cropped, a colour profile has been applied, and various adjustments have been made.  It’s now not a bad image at all, and it gets 4 stars on the spd scale.

3 – You know what? This is a perfect image for a black and white treatment.  I did what I could within Lightroom.  Like my other B&W digital photos processed in Lightroom, the tonal range is there but the whites aren’t quite right, and the texture isn’t quite there.  The image remains a 4.

4 – A week ago or so friends we hadn’t seen for a long time came by for food and drink.  The meal and conversation were lovely.  R has taken to photography, and he some stunning images. We started to babble, and he talked about a world previously unknown to me.  There are Lightroom plugins.  One collection of plugins is called the “Nik Collection” from DXO, and one of the 7 plugins from that collection is “Silver Efex Pro 2”.  Thank you R. OMFG!

What do you think?

Cheers, Sean

4 Replies to “OMFG”

  1. Very interesting sequence of photos. The last B&W is great. It really brings out the patterns of the house and gate – well done. You also might want to experiment with Color Efex Pro. In the landscape section, I have found that Pro Contrast, Reflector Efex and Detail Extractor are wonderful tools for colour photos. You obviously are enjoying the Nik Collection.

  2. I sometimes like doing this, going back to the original image to compare to the current final image. There have been a few cases where I wipe out all the editing and start over. I try to keep an open mind about B&W but it’s hard for me. I don’t think that way. As I flicked from image to image, the first B&W looked gross for a moment, since the B&W took on a green shade, then settled down. I like the last version.

    I had always thought those programs were stand alone, not Lightroom plugins. Now I need to check them out.

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