Thin Line Photos Aren’t So Easy

Dear Reader,

On Thursday I visited the same site a third or may be it was a fourth time. The result is the first of today’s photo. One of the surprising things about having a particular image structure in mind is that those structures are harder to find and capture than I would have initially thought. After all how hard is it to find a relatively common set of elements properly lit? Guess what? It’s not that easy, and more often than not more than one visit is required. It’s a good thing I enjoy the process. Speaking of which, yesterday I spent a couple of hours out driving on a new set of roads between here (yyc) and Drumheller. Actually, when I left the house around 10:00, April said I’ll see you around 5:00. She was right, I arrived home shortly before 5:00.

Thin Line 022
Thin Line 024
Thin Line 023 – Out looking for 022 above
The remaining photos in today’s collection are ones I like but do not make criteria for the Thin Line Series , which has bee updated accordingly, along with the Love This Land page.

I will share more in the coming days or so.

Cheers, Sean

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